Finished goal of running the distance of 2,080 miles from Lafayette, LA to Washington D.C and back!!! 339.1 miles

0.0 miles run this week.
Daily running average for the week is 0.00 miles per day.
Total amount run in the past 800 days is 2,419.1 miles.
Daily running average overall is 3.02 miles per day.

Day226 Tuesday 04/12/11

ran 3.3 miles
A series of common themes I came across today led me to the subject of this post. First, I saw a story about George Soros speaking to Bloomberg Television concerning the U.S. economy---the debate over cuts versus government spending. He suggested that the U.S. could take on more debt and should stop obsessing about budget cuts. Soros argues that America should take on more debt and spend it on infrastructure.

Perhaps I should take the money I usually spend for my mortgage, burn it, invest in a pool and patio for my backyard with a credit card at an excessive interest rate, and further disable my complete inability to pay for any of it.

Second, I came across a story about Adam Klugman, host of the radio show “Mad as Hell in America”, and he said that he was sick and tired of liberals running from the term “socialism”.

He had this to say after progressive listeners called in to criticize his comments, inquiring as to whether he had ever read “Mein Kampf”.

“People have been brainwashed by the right into associating Socialism with Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia and not with free, highly successful democratic nations like Norway, Finland and the Belgium. And that’s why I said it. Because I believe it’s time for us to stop making up nice words to describe ourselves so Republicans will tolerate us. Liberal is not a bad word. And neither is Socialist. The fact that we’ve completely given up on these ideas demonstrates a defensive mindset that always keeps us on the losing side.”

Third, I saw that Obama is addressing the nation tomorrow to explain his “spending plan”. In contrast to our president’s interest, Paul Ryan has submitted a “budget plan”, which is receiving a lot of criticism for being too radical. The media has distinguished the two sides of economic paths with the two oppositional terms “spending” and “budget” plans. In an economy like this, I find it hard to believe that anyone would desire to label their plan to reconcile a budget deficit as a “spending” budget. But that’s what his agenda is. Spend, spend, spend.

Next, I read that the IRS, once it was definitively established after the ratification of the sixteenth amendment (the Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes…) in 1913, is actually a Marxist concept straight out of the Communist Manifesto’s second of ten planks: A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. This tenet is what we Americans have come to know as the misapplication of the sixteenth amendment.

And the final thing I came across, like a breath of fresh air, was a feasible solution to reroute the direction our president and his liberal counterparts are leading this nation. If you have never heard of or don’t know much about the “fair tax” I highly recommend you check up on it. Here is their site. There is a Fair Tax calculator that will help you understand how the tax works and how it would effect you.

The guidelines of this tax are 133 pages. The IRS tax code is 72,000 pages. That is a stack of paper eighteen feet high. The bill currently has 67 co-sponsors in Congress. And $22 million makes the Fair Tax the most researched piece of legislation regarding tax reform in American history, backed by over eighty of America’s top economists.

The Fair Tax abolishes the IRS and achieves taxation in a way that most benefits the economy and the taxpayers. It’s a real possibility that is rapidly gaining momentum and definitely worth reading up on.

If you haven’t caught on to tonight’s theme it is the Marxist direction in which our nation is being led. Barack Obama has successfully united half, if not more, of America together to fight against his ideas to a degree that is incomparable to anything we have seen since the Civil War. So many states striving to avoid his health care law, the Fair Tax threatening to abolish the IRS and its 72,000 pages of possible ways to take advantage of taxpayers and ridiculous tax laws for businesses, and the birth of the Tea Party threatening so many of the choices he has made to compromise the values we define as Americans---these are just a few of the sleeping giants of defiance he has awakened with his hope and audacity.

1,424.0 miles to go.


  1. Fair Tax sounds like an idea worth looking into. The person explaining it on the website was informative. I can also see that illegal immigrants who don't pay income taxes would be paying taxes in this system.

    You throw out words like Marxism and socialism. I think everyone can agree that government needs to work more efficient, but do you disagree with social security, medicare and medicaid? Do you disagree with the public schools and public universities? Why is what you think of as important enough for tax money okay and what other people may think important Marxist in your eyes. Do you think that some tax money should go to take care of the poor and the elderly? I do. I'm concerned about the walmart worker or the store clerk whos employer doesn't pay their insurance. Or a person not born so bright as to land a good good job.

    I don't know... these are complex problems. I think your last sentence about hope and audacity had a spiteful tone.


  2. That was an extremely well-articulated, mellow and enjoyable comment to read. Sometimes things in our lives on any given day leave us vulnerable to lash out and scream a little and I feel emotion gets the best of me sometimes. I will be the first to tell you that there is much I don't know and very little I do, regardless of how many articles or books I read. I try hard to be humble and open to things I do not understand. I am sensitive to the needs of those members of society you listed and the tax programs that help them, but our president and liberal ideas, in general, simply strike me as a tool to enable Americans to never realize their full potential. I know many people need help in our nation and I will certainly use any help from the government I can get if I ever need it, but I feel the whole system is abused and democrats do not seem to address that particular variable, and it is a big one.
    And anything with the slightest hint of communism, socialism, Marxism, progressivism or whatever you want to call it---if it is in America, I don't agree with it. There are alternative answers and Obama's direction is one I don't want to follow. The Fair Tax, for example, would be a remarkable concept to utilize. It is nothing but pluses. The only negative is that it is too good of an idea to be abused by politicians, and that is why it has not been implemented.

  3. I agree with you on your point about abusing the system. It's too easy to get help when it should be a last resort. Why should taxes be increased only to accommodate more abuse in the system? The downfall of systems that are set up as safety nets are those who use those safety nets as hammocks (to paraphrase something I heard recently). But it's not just the poor when it comes to healthcare. The cost of health insurance is so high that it's putting too much pressure on the middle class. The only way that a normal person can afford health insurance is to be in some kind of collective program. Not everyone is in a situation for this kind of privatized socialism. I don't understand why anti-trust laws do not apply to health insurance. But with the cost of health insurance coming to about 200-250 dollars per person per month, it's not just people looking to game the system that need help with that.