Finished goal of running the distance of 2,080 miles from Lafayette, LA to Washington D.C and back!!! 339.1 miles

0.0 miles run this week.
Daily running average for the week is 0.00 miles per day.
Total amount run in the past 800 days is 2,419.1 miles.
Daily running average overall is 3.02 miles per day.

Day255 Wednesday 05/11/11

ran 1.4 miles
Chapter 7
Jonas stood uncertainly at the door unsure of what or who was behind it. There were a few faded newspapers scattered around the foot of the door lending to the house a sense of vacancy. Across the top of one of the tattered papers in bold print read the headline “Incumbent Confident For 2016 Election”.

“It’s not even November of 2016”, Jonas said under his breath. Polls, debates, scandals, skeletons, and baby kissing were all in full gear. Mind numbing senselessness would soon inundate the delicate fabric of rational thinking through any media outlet it could find. The only aspect of this election Jonas found even mildly amusing or interesting was a sardonic curiosity of who the next untapped mass of voters would be and how sinisterly they would impact the existing and dwindling minority of traditional American beliefs in government. Jonas believed the 2012 election exploited an immense frontier of new voters when his country allowed millions upon millions of illegal aliens to legally remain within U.S. borders and become naturalized citizens (and voters). The message to the world was that this country granted unlawful deviants amnesty and that its laws were pliable and easily revised by criminals. The numbers, and the power created by the numbers, had grown exponentially over a small matter of years. And just a few years was all it took for an entire continent of three countries to go through the preliminary steps of becoming one single nation for reasons even the government had much difficulty lying about and Americans found impossible to understand.

The government began blatantly opposing the demands of the people it was supposed to be protecting and treated their votes and ideas as though they were nothing more than blank scraps of paper in a permanently sealed suggestion box. It took years for the people to finally stir and to understand that something was wrong. And when they did it was far too late. Their reactions were meaningless and as useless as a 6:20 train ticket at 8:00.

Jonas was one of a group of rogue individuals who had allegedly committed crimes of “unAmerican-thought”. He was accused of thinking and speaking against his country. Something had been wrong for a very long time and it was being ignored like a highly detectable cancer. There was a general feeling among many that something bad was coming or that something good was going away. But few felt compelled to speak out about it or act on it. They were convinced that everything they were told was to be unquestioned and they were comfortably powerless with their surroundings. Freedoms, one by one, were being limited or taken away. Much had changed for the worst in a short period of time and nobody had seemed to care. The rights and will of the government’s people thinned away like a shallow, muddy puddle evaporating all of its hope into a cloudy void. The people’s government was the proverbial atmosphere collecting the hope and it was not going to precipitate a drop of fairness any time soon.

Governments do not claim mistakes and they do not retract or negotiate fault.

Jonas did not rob or shoot anybody. He was not a terrorist. Not once had he ever placed another human being in potentially fatal harm. Jonas simply wrote a manifesto, which became something larger than he had ever expected.

When something is done or said by the government it will be seen through until it works or until the people get tired of hearing about it, only to forget.

Jonas and those like him were considered threats to the new nation. They were threats to continental democracy, which many would call progressivism, and accused of treasonously hating their own country with intentions to plot against its people.

Governments do not die. Nor or they living things yet they control us.

Those who aided and abetted Jonas and those who thought like him were dutifully encouraged to publicly denounce their beliefs or to be immediately exiled from the country, United North America, once apprehended.

The only tools a government should need are simplicity and common sense. To imply that there is anything else necessary is both ill-intended and opportunistic.

Jonas refused to believe what other people had said about him on the radio and what newspapers had printed about him. The media portrayed him as a monster regardless of the truth. He chose to risk exile by his own country. Before the God he knew in his heart, before all the wars his and other governments created, before all of the wasted life so many seemed to sit idly by, before welfare recipients and the large percentage of them who lacked so much belief in themselves, before congressmen and governors who had been holding on to impossibility for far too long, before Hollywood, New York, Houston, Ontario, Cancun and the rest of the continental union, before the lack of sensitivity and the abundance of selfishness that made this entire world go around, before the President and all of his men, Jonas decided that he would have no part.

Things were not always like this.

1,337.0 miles to go.

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