Finished goal of running the distance of 2,080 miles from Lafayette, LA to Washington D.C and back!!! 339.1 miles

0.0 miles run this week.
Daily running average for the week is 0.00 miles per day.
Total amount run in the past 800 days is 2,419.1 miles.
Daily running average overall is 3.02 miles per day.

Day301 Sunday 06/26/11

ran 2.7 miles
Today ends week forty-three of running against Obama. I ran 24.8 miles this week, averaging 3.54 miles per day.

My favorite past time has always been the game of soccer. To only slightly exaggerate how much I loved playing the game growing up all the way through my twenties, I would only be embellishing the truth a little to say that when I was born my dad may or may not have tossed a soccer ball at me in the delivery room as I was crowning and I might or might not have taken my first breath of life doing a bicycle kick out of my mother’s womb. I loved soccer that much.

So, when I read an article this morning about the Gold Cup Final at the Rose Bowl between the U.S. and Mexico, which America lost yesterday four to two, I was not surprised to read that the U.S. soccer team was booed from one corner of the stadium to the other for the entire game, starting with the National Anthem.

Why? Because Latinos filled three quarters of the stadium. I’m sure they were not checking for Green cards at the gate but, regardless of whether these fans were Latino-Americans or illegal aliens, their actions distinctly encapsulate so many things that are backwards in this country---so many things that have been leading us to a self-destructive path for decades.

This sums it up.

In what other country than America do the visitors have the home-field advantage?

Nowhere! Name one other country. You can’t because no other nation on the face of this Earth is as incomprehensibly backwards, constantly shuffling the most menial of priorities and paying so little attention to the issues that are really important, as America.

Mexico had the home-field advantage in America!

It’s not just at soccer games either. Look around. I did a post last Tuesday, Day296, which puts into perspective how the Caucasian population has been performing a slow suicide on itself in America for decades now. Yesterday’s Gold Cup Final was a testimony to this fact.

“When historians examine all these statistics in the future, they will surely ask why the Caucasian population extinguished itself: How did a race that created the finest republic in the history of the world eventually find itself in the minority of that very republic?”---Grace Vuoto
I would say our government is 100% to blame for letting our borders get so out of control and leading us to this point where American-Latinos actually boo America and cheer for Mexico. Something that has always irked every fiber of my being is the fact that Mexican-Americans (it is absolutely ridiculous that I even have to specify between a Mexican-American or an African-American or a German-American, instead of just saying we are all American) constantly wave their Mexican flags around with such little regard for the fact that they are in America and that they are Americans.

Ever done any research on Mexico? It’s not a great place to live. By all means, be proud of your roots and the nation you were born in or were descended from, but when you crossed that border and became an American, legally or not, you stepped into an insurmountable realm of opportunity that Mexico will not be providing for its people any time soon. That ought to be respected and praised, and it definitely should not be insulted or taken for granted by waving the flag of a country so many desperately chose to escape by any means they could scratch together.

Here is the article about last night’s final at the Rose Bowl.

"I love this country, it has given me everything that I have, and I'm proud to be part of it," said Victor Sanchez, a 37-year-old Monrovia resident wearing a Mexico jersey. "But yet, I didn't have a choice to come here, I was born in Mexico, and that is where my heart will always be."

When the final whistle blew, the Mexican fans, 80,000 of an estimated 94,000 total fans, remained in the stadium until the awards ceremony. As the U.S. team was awarded their second place trophy the stadium once again fired a resounding boo.

Only in America.

1,190.2 miles to go.

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