Finished goal of running the distance of 2,080 miles from Lafayette, LA to Washington D.C and back!!! 339.1 miles

0.0 miles run this week.
Daily running average for the week is 0.00 miles per day.
Total amount run in the past 800 days is 2,419.1 miles.
Daily running average overall is 3.02 miles per day.

Day369 Friday 09/02/11

ran 2.2 miles
U.S. Public Debt Above $10 Trillion For First Time In American History---Up 59% Under Barack Obama

Recently, our credit rating was downgraded for the first time in America’s history. Here is a another unprecedented bar of utter failure reached by Obama and his administration: according to the U.S. Treasury Department, at the close of business on August 31, 2011, for the first time in American history, the publicly held debt of the federal government surpassed $10 trillion.

“During Obama's presidency, debt held by the public has now increased by $3.71694 trillion--or almost 59 percent from the $6.3073 trillion in debt held by the public that the government owed to its creditors on Jan. 20, 2009, when Obama was inaugurated.”

Terence P. Jeffrey,

Here’s another quote from the same article:

“Also, according to the most recent reports available from the Treasury and the Federal Reserve, approximately $6.1 trillion of that debt—or about 61 percent of it—is owned by foreign interests (led by the Chinese and the Japanese) and by the Federal Reserve.”

Here’s what I think. After all of the rhetoric about bipartisanship in Congress spouting from our president’s mouth, Obama’s entire campaign is going to be about blaming Republicans for not letting him do what he wishes. What our president is incapable of understanding is the fact that in November of 2010 America spoke and put representatives into our Congress who would do everything they could to block his agenda. The cause for the “partisan brinksmanship”, as he refers to it, is a result of his own actions. This man has done everything in his undeserving power he could to stifle American progress. He has no legitimate leg to stand on for re-election. The only chance he has is to blame Republicans for everything he has done that has failed and to blame them for every failure they have not let him achieve.

984.6 miles to go.

Here is what happened one year ago on Day4.

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