Finished goal of running the distance of 2,080 miles from Lafayette, LA to Washington D.C and back!!! 339.1 miles

0.0 miles run this week.
Daily running average for the week is 0.00 miles per day.
Total amount run in the past 800 days is 2,419.1 miles.
Daily running average overall is 3.02 miles per day.

Day376 Friday 09/09/11

ran 3.3 miles
Stats and polls from Rasmussen Reports:
  • Barack Obama’s presidential index rating shows that 19% of American voters strongly approve of his performance while 43% strongly disapprove, giving Obama a presidential index rating of –24.
  • Overall, 42% of voters at least somewhat approve of Obama’s performance and 56% disapprove.
Rasmussen reports these percentages on a three-day rolling average basis. These numbers do not fully reflect the reaction of Barack Obama’s speech last night.

Obama’s words and his jobs plan last night were humdrum to me because he had a Democratic Senate and House for nearly two years of his presidency. The actions he took caused a “shellacking”, in his own words, of incumbent Democrats during the midterm elections. His actions got a lot of liberal politicians fired. And, yet, here he is trying to do more of the same. His plan is another stimulus package. It is more debt for younger generations who had nothing to do with how out of control Washington has gotten. Even more insulting, our president has the audacity to tell the nation that this plan will be paid for. I don’t believe it. Regardless of how quickly this amount of money gets paid off, the debt clock is going to continue ticking at the outrageous pace it has been, faster and faster each day. If Someone Else wants to do some real good then slow down that clock. Barack Obama’s jobs plan is more dollars per second.

961.0 miles to go.

Here is what happened on Day11.

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