Finished goal of running the distance of 2,080 miles from Lafayette, LA to Washington D.C and back!!! 339.1 miles

0.0 miles run this week.
Daily running average for the week is 0.00 miles per day.
Total amount run in the past 800 days is 2,419.1 miles.
Daily running average overall is 3.02 miles per day.

Day379 Monday 09/12/11

ran 3.5 miles
Here are some quick numbers from Rasmussen Reports. Obama is throwing a Hail Mary with this new stimulus package, or jobs bill, as he refers to it. Time is running out for our president to redeem a large portion of the nation’s perception of his failing leadership. The gravity surrounding this jobs bill is immense and many factors are at play as to whether it passes, in what form it is signed if it does pass, and then will it even reflect improvement, as so little else has. Tick tock.

“Overall, the president’s Approval Index rating has been at -20 or lower every day for two full weeks and every day but two for more than a month. For President Obama, the ratings have never before remained this low for this long. Even during the final month leading to Election 2010, the Presidential Approval Index fell to minus 20 just once. Among voters not affiliated with either major party, 16% Strongly Approve and 44% Strongly Disapprove.”

Here is a good article describing Obama’s jobs plan now that it is printed on paper. The $447 billion for this plan will be paid primarily through tax increases, which Republicans claim will further strain jobs and not create them. Regardless of Obama’s urgency to pass this bill as soon as possible, it is unlikely that it will pass through the Senate in the coming weeks. More likely, this legislation will be dissected, pieced back together, and dissected again over the next couple months. There is a November 23 deadline to agree on what to include in the package and it will be put to a vote by December 23.
"Anything that is akin to a stimulus bill is not going to be acceptable. Over half of the total dollar amount is so-called stimulus spending. We have been there, done that. The country cannot afford more spending like a stimulus bill.”

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor

954.7 miles to go.

Here is what happened one year ago on Day14.

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