Finished goal of running the distance of 2,080 miles from Lafayette, LA to Washington D.C and back!!! 339.1 miles

0.0 miles run this week.
Daily running average for the week is 0.00 miles per day.
Total amount run in the past 800 days is 2,419.1 miles.
Daily running average overall is 3.02 miles per day.

Day412 Saturday 10/15/11

ran 3.1 miles
Here is your America, ladies and gentlemen, under Barack Obama. I assure you these challenged individuals did not vote for John McCain in 2008 and they will not be voting for Herman Cain or any other Republican nominee in 2012. Four words for this guy to express himself and the direction he wants America to lead, and this is the best he can do. Go Barack!

Some stats and facts about the state of Texas:
  • Texas was the twenty-eighth state to join the union on December 29, 1845, one year before Iowa and nine months after Florida.
  • Population, as of 2010, is 25,145,561.
  • Senators are John Cornyn (R) and Kay Bailey Hutchison (R).
  • Representatives are Louis Gohmert (R), Ted Poe (R), Samuel Johnson (R), Ralph Hall (R), Jeb Hensarling (R), Joe Barton (R), John Culberson (R), Kevin Brady (R), Al Green (D), Michael McCaul (R), Michael Conaway (R), Kay Granger (R), William Thornberry (R), Ronald Paul (R), Ruben Hinojosa (D), Silvestre Reyes (D), Bill Flores (R), Sheila Jackson-Lee (D), Randy Neugebauer (R), Charles Gonzalez (D), Lamar Smith (R), Pete Olson (R), Francisco Canseco (D), Kenny Marchant (R), Lloyd Doggett (D), Michael Burgess (R), Blake Farenthold (R), Henry Cuellar (D), Raymond Green (D), Eddie Johnson (D), John Carter (R), and Peter Sessions (R).
  • Texas has thirty-eight electoral votes. During the 2010 Census Reapportionment, Texas’ booming population earned the state four more electoral votes through 2020. Texas has gained at least one additional electoral vote in every Census since 1930 and they are second to California’s fifty-five electoral votes. Historically, Texas voted blue with very few splices of red between 1872 and 1976. The streak ended in 1980 and Texas has voted Republican, since. John McCain defeated Barack Obama by a margin of 56% to 44% in 2008.
851.9 miles to go.

Here is what happened one year ago on Day47.

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